LunaSoul Clothing: "Ruana" Silk Noil Hand-Dyed Wrap in Partial

$ 248.00

Perfect to throw on top of any outfit, LunaSoul's silk noil hand-dyed "Ruana" wrap sets the tone for bringing you from day into night. 

Available in yellow (pictured) or blue (exclusive to BMA At Home). Offered in one size.

Note from the artist: "When you purchase this style in Partial dye, you are purchasing it hand-dyed with placement as depicted. Please understand that each piece is dyed individually so it may not look exactly as the one in the pictures. Imperfections may be present but that is the beauty of hand-dyeing!"

Available online and in limited quantities in our Athens storefront. Please note this item is hand-dyed to order. Please allow 3-4 days for the dyeing process in addition to regular shipping time.

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