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This is my very first blog, which make me a little nervous! I'll be honest upfront–I am not a prolific writer (most designers and architects I know tend to write in shorthand), but I am excited about sharing a bit of the knowledge I have picked up in my years as a practicing interior designer and proprietor of a boutique retail home store. In short, this blog will be about interior design, my design projects and the artisans I work with that help bring my vision to fruition.
On a personal note, I am a mom, a wife and a small-business owner. I was born and raised in Georgia and studied design at The University of Georgia, as well as a term abroad in Cortona, Italy. I began my design career at Heery International in Atlanta, GA. From there I moved to Athens, GA worked for Armentrout, Matheny, and Thurmond.  In 2010, I started my own design practice and followed with the opening of my brick-and-mortar store in 2014 in the Five Points area of Athens. 

My design style is hard to peg. I truly believe that my design work for a client should be a reflection of them, not me. Although I am often asked about my personal interior design style, I tend to be private as I don't want my personal taste to affect my client's judgment, likes or dislikes. So this blog will focus more on how I achieve that personal interpretation. There are times that I have to dig to pull style trends out of my client or identify when a client says one thing, but means another. But when I can interpret their style and create a space that reflects them and their families, that is when I feel like I have achieved good design.

There are, however, common threads through all of my work. I believe that interior design is both science and art, with craftsmanship and attention to detail placed at the forefront. This starts behind the scenes with understanding the science of design–from building codes to room flow to proper lighting (I happen to be a building code junkie who knows a few thousand codes by heart!)–and extends to the more aesthetic aspects. I work hard to allow the materials and design elements to shine and to balance design interests with visual calm space. Throughout the process, my projects are an experience. More than anything, this best describes my work.

Because craftsmanship and detail are at the heart of all of my designs, it’s typical for my projects to incorporate many small artisans. From highly trained woodworkers, metalsmiths, plasters, upholsters, lighting designers...the list continues. These skilled craftsmen bring my design concepts to life and make my projects spaces to be experienced, yet livable as a home.

So here are some details shots of a project we just finished up.  Enjoy!

P.S.  I share my mood boards, new store arrivals, current projects and upcoming events on Instagram, Pinterest, and BMA Designs website. We'd love for you to follow along on the fun!  


Custom railing by the talented St. Udio studio in Athens, GA 


Custom walnut wardrobe with custom stain.


I love me some big ass fans. Never thought I'd enjoy a ceiling fan this much.


Detail work in the great room.  Oneta Woodworks did a handsome job for us. 

Vintage Africian Juju hat from BMA At Home. I thread vintage products throughout all of my projects for the warmth, patina and individuality they bring to a space.  

Breckyn Alexander

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