Now Offering On-Line Mini Consultations

BMA Designs Historic Residential Renovation Project - Athens, GA Contractor:  Joma Construction, Photo credit: Alvaro S Photography 

Hi, and welcome back! Although we've continued working on our larger renovation projects, we've missed connecting with you on a regular basis and sharing what's new. You may have seen our Instagram giveaway of 30 minute consultations via Zoom. This has been such fun that we are now making these "Mini Consults" a mainstream offering!

We have all been quarantining in our homes, and this has afforded us a peaceful, safe, comforting environment. Additionally, we've had a lot of time to evaluate what is, and what is not, serving us well in these spaces. Our homes should be a haven, and should express our personalities and our uniqueness. They should be more than rooms full of "stuff", but rather spaces curated to feed our souls, as well as fulfill functions of everyday living. To that end, a 30 minute consult can set you on track to achieving your goals and wishes for a more harmonious space. 

We, and our clients, have really enjoyed these Zoom mini consults! They serve as thoughtful "jumping off" points for bigger projects, or can stand alone as ways to re-think and re-configure one small area. Shoot us an email at to set up your first Compact Consultation with us today! 
We look forward to hearing from you!

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