Blue Globe Echinops Globe Thistles

$ 57.00

Bundle of Blue Globe Echinops Globe Thistles

Harvested by hand on a small, sustainable flower farm in Washington, these natural, dried globe thistles bring the feeling of nature into any home. Arrange a single stem in a bud vase or style the whole dried flower bundle together for a whimsical design, reminiscent of late summer days and waving fields of florals.

A naturally beautiful product, each bundle is unique. No two are exactly alike.

Product details:

    • Approximately 16-22" Tall x 1-1.75" Blooms
    • 7-9 Stems per Bundle with 25-30 Blooms
    • Dried and Delicate
    • Sharp Thorns Present on Stem & Floral Bud

    *Naturally grown and harvested on a small flower farm in Washington, USA. All dried products are grown by mother nature and are unique and delicate, no two bundles are exactly alike.


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